Visiting Akufo Addo was a waste of time- Yvonne Nelson.

According to Nelson, she lost interest in meeting the president after the first visit.

In an interview with Naa Ashokor on joy FM, the actress said;

The last time we went to meet him, it had to do with the industry in which we had a proposal.

We actually went to see the First Lady first and I think she realised the problem was huge so she was like okay we have to see the president so we went there.”

 I suppose to follow up but I did not because I just realised, she was wasting her time.

I was called again and I told the gentleman that I’m just tired

I just feel like I am trying too hard

Talking about her campaign for NPP, the actress said

After my campaign, people were threatening me, did the NPP give me security?

Did they give me policemen to guard my house, nelson asked

I could not sleep at home it was that bad.

Where was the NPP when my life was in danger

Speaking the truth is so hard in this country, why is that so? she asked.

That’s my problem

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