Breaking down Wizkid’s interview with RED TV

As the Nigerian superstar is gearing up for his new album dubbed “Made In Lagos” and his best single “Joro,” he was on RED tv for an exclusive interview.

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Five major points are extracted from this chat, and I will be breaking them down for you, our cherished reader. 

  • Ayo Balogun and Wizkid are different.

In his all-red outfit, the singer was asked the difference between “Wizkid” and “Ayo Balogun,” and he calmly replied, “Ayo Balogun is probably the guy you guys don’t know. He’s not the opposite of Wizkid, but he’s more reserved and more chilled. But Wizkid is Wizkid.”

  • Africa to the world

We are breaking down Wizkid’s interview with RED TV.

Every music lover and fanatics of Wizkid knows him for always repeating this eloquence “Africa To The World,” in this exclusive interview, he digs deeper into the notion behind this rhetoric speech.

He says, “I have been pushing this narrative ‘Africa to the world,’ and it’s essential for people to understand that when I’m saying ‘Africa to the world,’ I’m not just saying ‘Nigeria to the world.’ 

“Africa is not just Nigeria, and we have South Africa, Kenya, and Africa. There is enormous talent everywhere you go to in this part of Africa. It was essential for me when I started my label to make sure that I had artists from other sides of Africa. It’s better to stick together. Africa is one man.”

  • Working with Drake

American rapper Drake and Wizkid collaborated in 2016 tagged “One Dance” a global hit and the founder of OVO Sound record label also featured on “Come Closer,” a record produced by Sarz

A while ago, Wizkid hinted that there are more collaborations to come from them, he shed more light on the working relationship. 

He said, “Working with Drake was a blessing, you know… because he randomly just hit me up. That’s just weird, like… I’m a kid from Africa making music. 

“When one of the world’s biggest artists hits you up to make music, it’s just a blessing to me. After that happened, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, ‘The sky is a starting point.'”

  • Fever and Made in Lagos

Although the release date for his much-anticipated studio album is yet to be known, we know for sure few things about the “Made In Lagos” collection, such as “fever,” which was released last year of songs on the album.

The song was initially struggling to take over until the official video was released featuring his long time rumored girlfriend, Tiwa Savage.

He said, “It’s like on this album, I tried as much as possible to put a little bit of myself into it. Even with the way I name the songs… ‘Fever,’ I didn’t even mention ‘Fever’ on the song, but I knew that the feeling that song would give you is fever, like… 

“For every song on the album, there’s a deeper meaning. The videos there’s a deeper meaning to them, the album cover… even my live shows…”

  • Know what you want.’

As days go by and live to continue as always, Starboy has a special message for everybody, “It’s essential to know what you want.”

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