Omawunmi emotional and sexy pose on instagram.

The Nigerian singer shared her thoughts on wearing revealing clothes, then became conservative after starting a family

Omawunmi is definitely not shy about revealing her sexy figure, in a post on Instagram she shared her thoughts about how short her clothes used to be when she started out in the industry, and how her mum would say she used handkerchiefs to sew her dresses.

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The 37 years old singer and actress got married last year to Toyin Yusuf , this she said has made her more conservative.

Omawunmi emotional and sexy pose on instagram

Omawumi wrote: “I remember when I started out in the industry…

My dresses were so short, my mum would say I use handkerchiefs to sew my dresses! Over time, especially when I became a mum and a wife, I became conservative and ‘covered’ with my sense of style and music. Now you might ask…

‘What is she doing?’ My answer is my current look is intentional in connection to my current sound.

‘Will it be permanent?’ – I don’t think so…who knows? I’m just exploring my many sides and loving myself in the process….

I’m just Omawonder.” 

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