Nigerian Lawmaker forced a woman to walk on the street naked after beating her

Councillor representing Ibiono Ibom Local government, Uduak Nseobot was indicted for assulating a woman and stripping her naked in public.

The councillor got married to Aniedi recently were her close friend Iniubong Essien was there to pick money sprayed up.

The couple had alleged Iniubong Essien of stealing the money sprayed at the wedding ceremony.

According to report, This made the couple kidnapped Iniubong Essien from her home in Uyo.

The incident happened in November 2018.

It was gathered that Iniubong Essien was driven to a village in Ibiono.

Iniubong Essien told premium times that

I was beaten and forced to walk stark naked in the village hall, they removed my dress, my bra, and my pant.

People were inside the village hall, I think he (the councillor) may have told them that he was bringing a thief for them to beat, so the whole place was filled with people.

He was mixing charcoal with pepper to rub on my body, but he didnā€™t rub (it) on me.

They tied a rope around my waist and said I must dance naked before the village people.

The wife of the Nigerian lawmaker name was struck out during the hearing in court .

The case is adjourned to October 14 2019.

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