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  • Name: Juliet Ibrahim
  • Date of Birth: 3rd of March, 1986
  • Citizenship: Ghanaian/Lebanese
  • Place of Birth: Accra – Ghana
  • Profession: Actress/Author

Juliet Ibrahim in a popular Ghanaian actress featured in at least 50 movies, making her one of Ghana’s most influencer actresses.

She was born on the 3rd of March, 1986, to Hussain Ibrahim, and her Mother is Sarah Elizabeth Ibrahim.


Juliet attended the Ghana Institute of Languages, where she studied languages such as French, English, and Spanish, before proceeding to Ghana Institute of Journalism, where she studied Advertising and Public Relations.


Juliet started acting in 2005 after she featured in Crime to Christ, the movie was successful, and Juliet was able to land in many more roles both in Ghana and Nigeria.

Juliet is also an author; she published her book, “A toast to Life,” Where she shares how her family survived the civil wars across Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Lebanon.

Personal Life

She got married to Kwadwo Safo Jnr, in 2010, but divorced in 2014. The pair share a son, Jayden, born in 2010.

Juliet Ibrahim has also revealed that the first time she met her ex-husband was at a strip club. Juliet said her ex-husband, the son of a pastor, met her at a strip club, but their four-year marriage collapsed after irreconcilable differences.

Ibrahim revealed during her book lunch last year that she was depressed and urged people not to judge anyone who wants to come out of a marriage.

People have had their perception of what led to my divorce. According to the actress, for your kids’ sake, take the bold decision, she said.

She said she has had to deal with pain and insults from the public who had no clue what she went through as a person during that period and how it affected me.

“The depression and all that happened.”

In 2017, Juliet made her relationship with Nigerian influencer and artist, Iceberg Slim, public, but the pair broke up due to infidelity allegations.

It is clear Juliet’s luck in settling failed after her relationship with Iceberg Slim collapsed. She revealed that Iceberg Slim was cheating on her with his ex.

She said she was a little bit insecure about the relationship initially, and that’s why she brought their love life out into the public.

However, her relationship went downhill with iceberg slim when her sister found some messages sent to one of his exes.

Juliet said she approached the girl he was messaging, and the lady insisted they were in a relationship even although iceberg slim claimed to have ended things with her. I broke up with him, and he was left devastated, she said.

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