I’m not competing with Fantana

Ghanaian artist, Wendy Shay said in an interview with Sammyflex that she is the firstborn of rufftown records therefor she’s not competing with Fantana.

She said she has been doing everything to make herself better, giving herself targets to reach right from the start.

I tell people that the competition is myself. I compete with myself every day. I try to be better.

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I mean you guys can see how I started and how I am today, I always challenge myself she said.

I’m not competing with Fantana

She is also doing very good in her own way. She’s doing her stuff, she’s doing her thing wendy said about fantana.

Wendy said late Ebony’s death put her to the position of the first to be signed to Rufftown Record Label.

Fantana is new and probably she will need more attention.

So I’m not really bothered about all of that.

And Bullet is the boss so he knows what he is doing.

He knows what is right for both of us and we are all cool with it. She disclosed

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