Massive protest at the church of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi..

There was a massive protest this morning at the church of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

The founder of the Glorious Wave International has been in the media for the wrong reasons of recent. 

The prophet while ministering allegedly said Fante women are “sometimes foolish”, Asante women are greedy and Ewe women are “doormats”.

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These are different ethnic groups in Ghana.

The protesters visibly angry were seen chanting war songs, and brandishing signs that says “Fanti women are not stupid”, “Ewe women are not clueless”,  “Asante women are not greedy”.

There has been numerous calls for the prophet to apologise for the statement but he described the people disagreeing with him as witches 

“When you marry an Ashanti lady, you have imported trouble upon yourself, they are greedy. I will not mince words, I have done my research over the years to come to this conclusion” he said last friday

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