A Russian Blogger has been found dead in a suitcase

Ekaterina Karaglanola was found dead in a suitcase in her apartment.

Her body was discovered on Friday by her parents after they couldn’t get hold of her for several days.

Karaglanova runs a travel blog where she frequently share posts of places she travels to.

The 24 years old Blogger just graduated as a medical Doctor where she specialised in dermatology.

A Russian Blogger has been found dead in a suitcase

She was planning a holiday to Netherland for her 25th birthday before her disappearance.

According to Reports, her parents had to contact her landlord to request access to her apartment after they couldn’t get hold of her.

Getting to her Apartment, her body was found in a hallway with her throat slit and knife wounds.

Police said the incident is being investigated, noting that there was no force entry, No weapon was at the scene, and no evidence of struggle in the Apartment.

The police further said they are investigating jealousy as a motive.

CCTV footage captured her former boyfriend visiting her apartment In the days around her disappearance.

She shared her last post on instagram on the 22nd of July.

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