If you happen to be one of the majority who’s always trolling actress Fella Makafui on social media, then she has a special message for you.

Although most at times our celebrities try to be as much as happy always on the internet, they sometimes hide in the closet to weep as the result of your trolls and insults you ruin on them.

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Former YOLO TV series cast Fella Makafui is one of the few female celebrities in Ghana who also face the anger of Ghanaians with the little stuff she engaged in on social media.

Over the years, the young actress and businesswoman has suffered in the hands to cyber bullies and bad publicity but she has always proven to be of tough skin.

As things are forming now, it is clear the cyber bullies are getting under the skin of the actress, as she feels hurt that she’s been disrespected by people.

In a post she mentioned that she is fed up with the fabrication of stories just to put her in a bad light.

The self acclaimed “King Of Queens” says people who write and say false things about her will die a miserable death and she will ensure that happens.

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