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Just as the Egba was settling from the Owiwi war, the Ibadan regrouped In 1834, to attack the Egba people. The battle is known as Arakanga war.

The war is significant in Yoruba History, as it’s one of the few battles that lasted for up to a decade. The war gave birth to many conflict and blockade in Yoruba Land.

A fearless, ruthless Ijaiye war chief, Kurunmi, and Ayo of Abemo assisted the Ibadan people during the battle of Arakanga but were defeated by the egba warriors led by Sodeke.

Kurunmi was a warrior that was feared across Yoruba Land. He had just killed Ife warriors in Ibadan, Degesin, Oginni, and Maye Okunade, who was accused of favouring one Yoruba group to another and also waged war against the Owu refugees in which the Olowu was executed.

Although Ibadan was waging war against Ipetumodu during the Owiwi war, Ibadan still sent the army units with help from Ota to wage war against the Egba. Nevertheless, They were heavily defeated during their campaign at Oniyefun.

During the Owiwi war, it is believed that the Ijebu and Egbado were following instructions from Ibadan to attack egba.

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Ibadan warriors like Oluyole and Kurunmi were busy waging war against Ipetumodu during the time.

To perpetuate the destruction of the Egbas, the Ibadan teamed up with the Ijebu and Egbado to wage war against the egbas. Still, Ibadan warrior was on different war expedition at this time, which made Ibadan asked Ota and Ado for help.

Ibadan first launched an attack against the egba at Arakanga river in Abeokuta but was routed by Sodeke led egba warriors.

The Egba won the battle, although they couldn’t settle from the Owiwi war. After the Egba people had won the Arakanga river’s battle, they knew the Owiwi war, which they had with the Ijebus, had not finished.

The Arakanga war – The Egba warriors Counter-Attack

The Egba warriors counter-attacked the Remo town in Iperu, destroying it. After destroying Remo, The Egba warriors moved to Ota, where they took control of the city.

Some Ibadan warriors under Oluyole came to rescue Ota from the Egbas but were heavily defeated by the egba warriors.

After the fall of Ota, The Egbas started the blockade of the town Ado.

 The Egba battle against Ota and Ado is due to their support against them during the Owiwi war.

Adele forces were refused passage at Ado, and Adele had already started a war against them before the Ibadan warriors regrouped.

Meanwhile, immediately the Egba warriors defeated Remo and Ota; they went to Ado to support Adele, leading to the town’s blockage until about 1845. 

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