Strictly hip pop artiste will go broke if they don’t wise up and fuse it with other genres such as afrobet or afropop said by Ghanaian anglophone hip-hop and afrobeat musician Dblack.

The businessman and entrepreneur Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, known by his stage name D-Black in an exclusive interview on Happy FM’s ‘Ayekoo After Drive’ made it known that nine years ago when he started his music career with strictly hip pop genre, it was hard for him to get endorsement deals and other relevant gigs to stay active in the music industry because he was not appealing to the audience and fanatics at large.

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He also stated emphatically that, he divert into hip life because back then nobody was ready to buy hip pop encrypted on compact disc or a whole album on CD so he had to force himself into the hip life therein to survive.

“You won’t play Hip- Pop on Happy FM 9years ago. So you not getting paid for shows, you don’t get endorsement deals because you are not appealing to the masses and there is no money. Nobody was buying Hip-Pop CD in 2010 or 2011. That is how I started doing Hiplife, even though I did not have firm grassroots of the local languages -Twi and Ga-. So I had to do Hiplife to be able to survive,” D-Black said’.

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