In a new video going viral on social media, Shatta Wale said Shatta Bandle.

Shatta Bandle had a few days ago said he is richer than Nigerian Aliko Dangote.

He said apart from Dangote, he is richer than Nigerian artiste Wizkid

Coming to his defence, Shatta Wale said;

Naija people they know say dey dey like the guy.

dey know say the guy get money pass Dangote.

Dem dey envy the guy. 

Eno be say he no wan fix the teeth. All the money e dey ein chain inside, 7 Million… E know say God dey give teeth, one day he go get teeth. 

Shatta Bandles, Sometimes if you dey talk just arrange am eh because sometimes we sef if we dey wan call Dangote ein name we dey fear.

Ehn Dangote e get money o.

He go fit fix your teeth for you Shatta Bandles.”

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