Revealed: What Buhari told Yoruba Obas.

The special adviser to the president (media and publicity) Mr Femi Adesina disclosed the outcome of the meeting between President Buhari and the Yoruba traditional leaders.

In a statement issued yesterday after the closed-door meeting between President Buhari and the Monarchs. 

The federal government will be enforcing departments in charge of issuing drone license to accelerate approval for states requesting to monitor forests and criminal hideouts.

He also mentioned the installation of CCTV on highways and strategic locations, “so that activities in some of those hidden places can be exposed, more effectively monitored and open to actionable review.”

Revealed: What Buhari told Yoruba Obas.

He further said, the FG will enforce the law, prosecute lawbreakers and secure an atmosphere of tranquillity for all Nigerians.

 Adding that it is both in our interests as an administration and the interests of the people who voted us into office.

“We need security to deliver on our many programmes to the people. 

There can be no prosperity if there is no security, he said.

“As the traditional authorities in your communities, government and the security agencies will be relying on you to monitor the several different cities and people coming in, and out of your areas, President Buhari told the Monarchs.

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