‘Let’s Enjoy The Peace I’ve Given, If You Get Me Angry I’ll Strike’- Shatta Wale

Those of you trying to test Shatta Wale’s patience for various reasons have a special message for you all.

Ever since the peace pact took place between reggae dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and his long time rival Stonebwoy, social media has been peaceful as the “Dancehall Naa” is not seen throwing jabs here and there again.

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For this reason, social media folks have been trying to bring back the old Shatta Wale, but it looking like that won’t happen now as the “Ayoo” Hitmaker is believed to be a changed man.

‘Let’s Enjoy The Peace I’ve Given, If You Get Me Angry I’ll Strike’- Shatta Wale

In a recent tweet, he suggests that everyone should enjoy the peace he has given them, and if someone tries to piss him off will make him revert to his old ways. 

Shatta Wale’s wild and volatile behavior, which often plunged social media in chaos, is what he is trying to leave behind, but it seems many folks loved that about him. 

A school of thought believes some people are even bored that the old Shatta Wale is dead following his reconciliation with Stonebwoy, after being on each other’s neck for a very long time. 

He said this in a new tweet, and it’s funny how he put it. We don’t think he meant it; he was probably something to get people talking, or what do you think?

Laughter inspires me to create songs, so please, nobody should piss me off wai…Let’s keep having fun like this nooorr ok …I love u all .. 💋💋💋💚💚💚

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