Juanita Vanoy Bio – Who is Michael Jordans Ex Wife

While tales have been told about iconic individuals who have fought through the hurdles life had to throw at them and rise to become legends in their fields; little or nothing is sometimes said about those who stood by them during the peak of their careers.

Juanita Vanoy Bio
Juanita Vanoy and Micheal Jordan were married for 17 years before they decided to call it to quit. Image Source: Instagram/history

It might be the case with Juanita Vanoy, a prolific businesswoman, former fashion model and first wife of the retired basketball legend, Micheal Jordan. 

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Born on June 13, 1959, in Illinois, Juanita grew up on the Southside of Chicago and attended Christian Fencer High School. 

The American multiracial celebrity, who is described as enthusiastic and hardworking had made a name for herself as one of the top students in her college and was involved in modelling projects at a teenage age before she rose to fame following her recognition as Micheal Jordan’s girlfriend. She had also earned money as a loan officer at a bank before the limelight. 

The Duo’s relationship

Juanita Vanoy and Micheal Jordan were married for 17 years before they decided to call it to quit. In a published article dated, November 30, 2019, Amomama reports that “They were happily married until they were not, and not even a four year extension period could fix what brokenness between them. 

The former couple were introduced to each other by a mutual friend in a Chicago Bennigan’s restaurant in 1984. After which, they met again at a party and started dating regularly. 

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Micheal is reported to have proposed to Juanita on December 31, 1987, however, they did not get married until two years later, on September 2, 1989. Juanita had gotten pregnant during the period which brought about an altercation between the Duo over the paternity of the child. 

They officially divorced on December 29, 2006, following a mutual and amicable decision of both parties to end the relationship after irreconcilable differences.

Juanita Vanoy Bio – Juanita and the Kids 

Juanita Vanoy welcomed her eldest child, Jeffrey, ten months into her marriage with Micheal Jordon. Their union also produced two more children, Marcus and Jasmine, who were born on December 24, 1990, and December 7, 1992, respectively. 

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In a past interview, Juanita made it known that despite her children’s profound love for the basketball game, she ensured that her sons did not wear the number 23 jersey like their dad did when they played the game. She encouraged them to look past their father’s image and establish themselves in their rights.  

The children have, however, quit the game to pursue their different dreams. 

Juanita Vanoy after the divorce

Though the couple’s relationship suffered a hitch, both parties pulled resources together to support their family, run their business and cater for their children. Their divorce was the largest settlement divorce at the time, as Juanita received a whopping $168 million, and an undisclosed cash benefit from the home she shared with her ex-husband at Highland Park.

The celebrity who has continued to stay away from the spotlight currently leads a comfortable, happy and luxurious life. 

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