Invictus Obi faces up to 30 years behind bars could forfeit $11m

One of the biggest names among Nigerians arrested by the FBI for internet fraud, Obi Okeke alias Invictus OBI has been indicted with $11 million fraud.

He was remanded in prison custody following a preliminary hearing.

Invictus Obi faces up to 30 years in prison and could forfeit $11 million in cash and assets.

Okeke was listed among Forbes most influential young Africans last year and was nominated for the All African Business Leaders Award For Young Business Leader in West Africa.

Okeke was arrested by the FBI after a criminal investigation was launched to an email that fraudulently transfers funds in July 2018.

The email is said to have been used to receive stolen login credentials for malicious purposes.

The suspect reportedly known to be providing domain registration services to clients, which were found to be hosting phishing pages and phishing software.

The email is also said to have been involved in computer intrusion, trafficking in stolen identities and passwords, and conspiracy to obtain money through fraudulent wire transfers.

Invictus Obi named a US based Nigerian lawyer, John Iweanoge as his lead counsel.

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