IMN – FG prepares fresh charges against El-Zakzaky

There are indications that the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria El-Zakzaky will be facing fresh charges from the Federal government.

According to numerous sources, The federal government is preparing the charges based on new allegations against him during his visit to India.

The Federal government accused El-Zakzaky of trying to gain international sympathy while he was in India for medical treatment.

IMN – FG prepares fresh charges against El-Zakzaky

He was also accused of attempting to seek political asylum during his stay in India.

He was repatriated back to Nigeria without finishing the course of his treatment.

El-Zakzaky had released a statement while he was still in India, accusing The FG of interfering with his medical treatment.

He said;

It was decided that we will be taken to the airport to be flown back to Nigeria.

He has left Delhi by 17:00 Nigerian time.

He prayed that may that be the best option in the circumstances.”

The Nigerian government’s interference and scuttling of the whole process rather than supervision as ordered by the court is the direct cause of the impasse.

The government never wanted the medical leave in the first place, and did whatever to stop it by all means possible.

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