Ibrahim El-Zakzaky has requested to be taken back to Nigeria.

The Leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky has requested to be taken back to Nigeria.

In an Audio going viral on the internet, El-Zakzaky said he’s scared of his life, and he’s more confined than the prison in Nigeria.

The Audio is in hausa and it’s below;

The hospital staff welcomed us well.

We were told they have parked two ambulance vehicles outside

They were deceiving the crowd while taking us out through another way.

They said it’s for our own safety. 

On our arrival to the hospital, we were under a tighter security situation worse than what we have been witnessed in Nigeria.

This place is more confined than when we were in Nigeria, worse than the prison.

It was agreed before our arrival that our own personal doctors would supervise this treatment.

but they’ve changed the arrangement.

So, we’ve stopped receiving treatment from strange doctors without the supervision of our own trusted physicians.

God-willing, we will be going back to Nigeria.

We will be able to travel to another place since we have that approval.

Since we can’t trust India any longer, there are some other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey who have offered to admit us.

We will go back home and decide which one to go for.

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