Fantana explains why she was ‘jailed’ in USA.

Newest addition to RuffTown Records Fantana is all out to detailed the event leading to her arrest by the police and jailing in the United States of America.

This development leads to her fans attacking celebrity blogger Chris Vincent for digging up the dirty pasted of their new favorite songstress.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview, Fantana revealed she was arrested and jailed because her roommate reported her after she threw her (friend’s) bracelet away after they got into a fight.

Detailing the event, she said she was charged with Grand Theft and her friend decided to press charges which resulted in her spending over five hours in police custody after which she was made to write a statement to that effect.

The mugshot she added was online because the Police in the United States of America takes mugshot of people who are taken into their custody.

She also added that her arrest was not about shoplifting as It was reported.

From the young songstress’s point of view, she paid the court for the bracelet and was enrolled in an anger class online.

So she could have taken the mugshot off the internet but she didn’t want to hide things of her and since it’s an episode in her life, she saw its presence as a blessing in disguise.

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