Criss Waddle to sign Fameye on his record label

Criss Waddle has said he will be signing Fameye on his record label.

He took to his facebook page to say that he had a meeting with Fameye and was succesful.

The AMG record label chairman said his successful meeting with Fameye means he’s a step away from Joining the AMG family.

This is coming few days Fameye was alleged to have slapped his Manager, Ogidi Brown.

He said;

Someone was videoing me without my knowledge and I told him not to video me so I smashed the phone.

That was all.

It was a normal artiste and manager argument, so it was normal for me to argue with my manager.

I apologised even though I didn’t slap my manager, I apologised and was expecting everything will be cool.

It took me only that video to make me know this is what my management can do.

After that video, I called my manager three times but he didn’t pick so I sent him a message- “boss I love you, let’s forget”.

Although I didn’t slap him I apologized.

And the guy who made that video is his friend and I didn’t expect the video to be out the next morning after apologising

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