CAN yells out over rising killing and kidnapping

The Chairman of the Kaduna state chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),  Rev. Joseph Hayab, today said complained about the rising of assassinations and kidnappings in the state.

His full statement quoted below

Just last week a clergy man was attacked in Kasuwan Magani. The security man was killed immediately as they struggled to find their way into the house. Thank God, the gunmen could not gained entrance into the room.”

”Now the Living Faith Church pastor was killed along Kaduna-Abuja in the presence of his wife, who was later abducted. That tells you that the new trend is to attack us in our homes or in our churches or on the roads. We are just not safe anywhere and we are asking the same question we have been asking: “where are our security agencies?“

“Are we being told tactically that we should defend ourselves? If we start defending ourselves, it means that we no longer have security or we no longer have government. Or is this government only for those they love and they don’t care about others?

“We feel strongly that the federal government and the Inspector General of Police should do something about Kaduna, since we have a governor who does not listen and feels he knows everything.

“Even after the killing of the security guards to the parish priest, we heard that a government official called the priest. Is it calling the victims that we want or addressing the security challenges?

“If you speak to me as Rev. Hayab when criminals attacked me, what help have you rendered to me? You are not helping to stop the attack. So we are really concerned that people, especially clergies in Kaduna are no longer safe.

“We don’t want a situation where we will be forced to think of how to protect ourselves, we believe that government is there to protect us.”

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