Bode George to run for 2023 presidency 

The former deputy national chairman of the people’s democratic party (PDP), Chief Bode George has joined the race in the 2023 presidency.

It was disclosed by a group known as the Pathfinder Consortium.

A statement released yesterday by the special adviser to Bode George Prince Uthman Shodip-Dosumu, titled 2023: The Pathfinder is coming states;

Bode George to run for 2023 presidency 

The big game is afoot. 

The Grandmasters are now at the chessboard. 

The maneuverings are deepening in thoughtful articulations and firm, deliberate commitment. 

The schemings are widening far beyond the bright and the nocturnal passages. 

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It is settled!!!

Our vision s stripped of ethnic or sectarian articulations. 

It is about rebuilding the broken walls, rectifying the festering wrongs, healing the persisting wounds. 

The Pathfinder is warming up…… 

Serious business!

Watch out!

Link up with a New Beginning! Be a part of a New Vision!

We are aroused with bold, audacious, and redeeming leadership. We will engage, inform without derogatory withdrawal. 

We will challenge, debate, instruct without angry, expletive crudity. We will sustain and affirm in deliberate Churchillian supremacy. 

Pretenders and the perennial time-servers shall disappear from the fray. Only the robust and lucid patriotic band shall endure. 

And the dark, disruptive uncertainties shall cease, giving way to renewal and rebirth of democratic contention. 

Soon, very soon, we will unveil the Big Masquerade.”

Ghana evicts Nigeria high commission 

Ghana has decided to expel Nigeria’s high commission from their diplomatic property in Accra’s capital.

The property has been reallocated to Amaco micro-finance since August 26th by Ghana’s Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

In a statement released on December 31st, 2019, by the Nigerian high commissioner to Ghana, Michael Olufemi, states that the commission has been asked to vacate their property at 10 Barnes Road in Accra.

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Olufemi states that the commission received a letter dated December 27th, 2019, from solicitors acting on behalf of Amaco Microfinance in Accra.

The letter requesting the commission to vacate their diplomatic property, and that failure to comply will lead to the removal of the commission’s belongings from the property, Which will lead to the depositing of the commission’s possession at the nearest police station.

Ghana evicts Nigeria high commission. 

The letter further states that the micro-finance company ransacked the property after it was broken into.

According to Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the property has expired. It has been reverted to the state in compliance with article 258 of Ghana’s 1992 constitution after the Nigerian government failed to renew it.

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