One of the Menzgold customers revealed that 23 of them had died so far out of frustration as a result of their frozen account.

One of the customers was heard lamenting on Class FM that they desperately need back their money.

The unidentified customer said 23 Menzgold customers died so far out of frustration

“Release NAM 1 immediately come to pay us our money”.

 If it is an attempt to keep him in detention and spend the money, you are courting trouble for yourselves because not all the money can be spent. 

We toiled to make that money we have invested with the company.

The Chairman of Menzgold, NAM1, spent his last eight months in Dubai cell after the back and forth with one court case to the other.

He was arrested in Dubai for alleged botched gold business.

The Ghanaian Police force had initially put him on an arrest warrant for money laundering and fraud.

He has later declared wanted After it was apparent he wasn’t in Ghana.

Ghanaian police later triggered an Interpol “Red Notice” on him, Although Red Notice is not an arrest warrant.

He was apprehended in Dubai charged with fraud; however, Dubai doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Ghana.

He was taken into custody by the Ghanaian Police force

All effort to get him out on bail by his lawyers was turned down by the police.

He was formally charged on the 12th of July 2019.

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