You will smell pepper should anything happen to Becca – Appietus warns Tobi

Ghanaian producer Appiah Dankwah popularly known as Appietus said he has a strong feeling that Becca’s husband, Tobi, is up to something dangerous.

According to Appietus, the songstress husband Tobi has finally succeeded in driving everyone around Becca away, which has allowed h to do whatever he wants with her. 

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This statement was revealed days after Becca’s mum, madam Julie Yiadom-Oti disclosed in an exclusive interview with celebrity blogger Chris that her daughter is blinded by love and has maltreated her.

Appiah said it’s high time Becca becomes very careful with her life because some people can go overboard with their actions. 

You will smell pepper should anything happen to Becca – Appietus warns Tobi.

Warning Tobi to be careful. If anything happens to Becca, people will march to him from Warri, sending a strong signal that Tobi could land in serious trouble if anything happens to the musician.

It is widely speculated that her husband is controlling tobi, and she has been stopped from visiting family and friends.

Appiah said, troubled by the allegation, Tobi must be up to something for clearing everyone around her.

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