You are Irresponsible, Shameless, Self hating – FFK fires SA foreign minister.

 Femi Fani-Kayode has joined other Nigerians to condemn South Africa foreign affairs minister Naledi Pandor comment that most Nigerians in South Africa are drug traffickers.

He described Pandor as an Irresponsible, Insensitive, Shameless, self hating, mendacious creature

Fani-Kayode took to his social media to send strong warnings to Pandor.

He said

We are far ahead of South Africa in terms of Education and virtually every other sphere of human endeavour and we have opened up our country for them to come and invest in.

Historically and in every other way they are very much our juniors.

Our people were educated at Oxford, Cambridge and the very best University in the world since 1860.

South African blacks never went to a real university until the 1990’s after apartheid fell.

If you say Nigerians are drug pushers and human traffickers then i will say that south Africans are losers, racists, drop outs, failures and genocidal maniacs.

Femi further talk about his experience defending a black south African while in school.

He said the white boy he physically assaulted while defending a black South African in Harrow told him that he doesn’t understand the Bantus, Which means black South Africans.

Femi said he was told by the white boy that giving a country like South Africans to the Bantus is like giving a monkey a loaded gun.

They will use it to kill everyone around them and eventually they will kill themselves.

Femi further revealed that the white boy told him that the Bantus are not like Nigerians;

They have no history nor class.

They are unenlightened, ungrateful, Primitive, Uncouth and very backward.

One day the rest of Africa will know them for what they are.

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