Xenophobic: Attacks are against criminals, not Nigerians

Thabo Mbeki has dismissed the reports that South Africans are targeting Nigerians in the recent xenophobic attacks.

The former president of South Africa said some criminals are Nigerians that are drug dealers.

Some Nigerian criminals are prostitutes.

South Africans are not going around to attack Nigerians because they are Nigerians, that’s not correct.

Three Nigerians were killed on Monday during an attack on Nigerians and their businesses in South Africa.

Xenophobic: Attacks are against criminals not Nigerians

One of the people killed was burned alive. 

The attack on foreigners started on Sunday morning, where angry mobs stormed foreign businesses and Loot.

The attacks are believed to have been carried out by the Zulu hostel dwellers.

One of the Nigerian businesses affected was a Nigerian car dealer, whereby his companies were set ablaze.

The attack spread across the second day before the security operatives got involved, dispersing the angry Mob.

Meanwhile, the leader of South African Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF, in a statement, condemned the attack.

He said whether you are from South Africa or Zimbabwe, this is your home. He, therefore, calls for an end to self-hate. He said, Africa we are one, Nigerians are our brothers.

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