Wendy Shay is not my type – Kelvynboy

Kelvynboy was on Delay’s Show to revealed that Wendy Shay is not his type.

During a question on the show, he was asked if he would go on a date with Wendy, kelvynboy said no.

According to him, Wendy Shay isn’t his type of lady, i’m into beautiful and decent ladies.

“I don’t love Wendy Shay, Kelvynboy said. “She is not my type of girl.”

“My type of girl is a decent lady like you (presenter).

She is not my type.”

The musician and the Uber Driver singer had an unfortunate incident at the ShattaStone’s Peace Conference when Kelvyn brushed off hugging Wendy.

According to him, it wasn’t intentional but the songstress’s manager, Bullet, claimed he did it out of a beef over an award.

Now, this is what Kelvyn has to say about Bullet’s assertions and how he’ll react should he meet Wendy. bullet said.

In an exclusive interview with DJ Reuben,the afrobeat crooner was asked what his reaction would be if he met Wendy Shay after all what has happened between the two of them in the past few weeks and his response was that he would prefer to say just Hi.

When he was questioned further if he would ask Wendy Shay to forgive him for snubbing her.

Kelvyn Boy said he would never apologize because when he was trying to make amends, Bullet and his team did not give him the opportunity to do so

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