Was Quaden Bayles bullied or just another celebrity stunt

A video of Quaden Bayles went viral after he claimed to have been bullied in school.

The video caught global attention from celebrities to politicians sympathising over the incident.

However, there has been controversies over the claim as it emerges that the incident could have been another celebrity stunt to gain popularity worldwide.

Was Quaden Bayles bullied ?

 In the video of Bayles that went viral, he was seen in a school uniform crying, saying he wants to kill himself.

A woman who claimed to be his mother’s voice could be heard at the background saying her son had tried to kill himself in the past over his dwarfism.

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Media gurus around the world took to their job to know more about him and we realised that Bayles is quite popular in Australia.

While there has been controversies over his true age, medias are reporting that he is in-fact 18 years old with over 203 thousands followers on instagram.

A Go-Fund me account started by Comedian Brad Williams has raised over $300.000 in donations for his travel to Disney with his mother.

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