Trump promised to cure AIDS and childhood cancer at his rally.

The United State President Trump few hours ago during his speech at his rally in Ohio promised to cure Aids and childhood cancer in America

The crowd were pleased as they were chanting USA.

Hopefully president Trump will fulfil his promises even although he didn’t say much about how he will go about curing the Aids and childhood cancer.

Meanwhile in Ghana, It is widely speculated that President trump is in talk with their herbalist for possible cure for Aids and childhood cancer.

The rally didn’t end without its ups and downs, as two protesters stormed the rally.

One was seen Brandishing a sheet that says “Immigrant Built America”

He was assaulted by one of trumps supporters before being whisked away by the securities

The things we are doing in our country today, there’s never being anything like it. We will be ending the aids epidemic shortly in America and curing childhood cancer very shortly
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