Strongman is a very talented artiste, Ghanaian rapper Medikal said this in an exclusive interview In the United States of America.

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In an exclusive interview which took place in the USA, Medikal said Strongman is lyrically good and in all aspects he’s very talented musician.

He said strongman should concentrate on getting hit songs because he is very talented.

Social media was set affray when the AMG rapper proclaimed that he saved rap music in Ghana four years ago, thereby making him the saviour of rap music in Ghana.

Ghanaian rapper Strongman has also relinquish his earlier claim in one of his track released during his beef with his colleague Medikal.

he had alleged Medikal is living on fraud money and wouldn’t have been able to afford a bicycle with his legitimate money.

“Subtract your fraud money from the real money; what will be left is your music money. It cannot buy you a bicycle, “portions of Strongman’s ‘Dont Try Me’ lyrics alleged.

Cosmopolitan Show, he distanced himself from the allegations he made in the “Immortal” song.

“Honestly, I have not seen him doing fraud. He is not my friend so I don’t know. I cannot say he is a fraud boy because I have not seen him doing fraud,” Strongman revealed.

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