Who is Chioma Zeus

South Africa based Nigerian model Chioma Zeus put her curves on display in a new photo of herself.

South African based Nigerian model Chioma Zeus captioned the photo with

South Africa based Nigerian model Chioma Zeus put her curves on display.

 I’m the kind of girl you can take home to your mom, but I’ll give you a blowjob on the way there. 

A few months ago, Chioma took to her Instagram to reveal that most Nigerian artists have little size manhood.

The size of her bosom is well noted, attracting over 122k followers on Instagram.

Abby took to her unverified Instagram account to badmouth Nigerian artistes she slept with.

She said

“ All these Nigerian artistes need to check themselves. All those talks about I’m going to shift your womb, I’m going to this and that, n@@ please kiss my ass.

She further went ahead to talk about an upcoming Nigerian artiste she went with. 

That Beevlings guy, his dick is the size of my nose.nothing was shifted, nothing was moved I doubt anything even entered. 

She said she’s embarrassed about sleeping with such small manhood.

Who is Chioma?

She is the founder of “The Boob Movement.”

She once wrote on her social media that her boobs are natural.

She said 

If You Are Asking If My Breast Are Natural ”Yes” They Have Been Big Since I Was 13 And I Love It.

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