Shatta Movements fan club launch turned “Clash of titans” as many run for their lives

Shatta Movements fan club ceremony turned violent as people run for their lives.

The ceremony was scheduled to be launched at Ngleshie Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipality of Accra early hours of today.

Shatta Wale’s father,harles Nii Akramah Mensah, a self acclaimed chief of the area and Chief of Ngleshie Amanfrom, Nii Kwashie IV clashed at the venue.

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Shatta Wale’s father has been portraying himself as the Chief of the area for sometime now.

it was reported that Shatta Wale’s father and the Shatta movement fans were attacked because Shatta Wale’s father has no right to hold himself Up as a Chief of the area.

The Ghanaian Security forces defuse the situation. In an exclusive interview, the Chief of the area said,

“He is claiming himself as the custodian of the area. So he is telling people that he is coming to launch the fan club, but it is a lie. We will not sit down for that to happen. As a gazetted chief, I will act according to the law so this won’t happen. I respect the law. We have given a letter with the police and we have informed the National Security. “

Odotobli Kwame Yedu who is a Subchief also corroborated the concerns of the Chief warning of more reprisal attacks if the issues are not addressed.

All they are doing is illegal. We are appealing to the government, especially the IGP and the security agencies should stop this man else we will all bath in the blood. We will make sure to deal with anyone who tries to intimidate us. We will resist this issue of our land involving Shatta Wale’s father.

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