Rapper Awal diss Strongman and Medikal on new song.

Ghanaian rapper, Awal released a song this weekend, and it’s a diss song.

This is coming days after Strongman and Medikal retired from attacking each other with a diss song.

Strongman and Medikal gained media attention just few weeks ago, when the duo engaged in a rap feud.

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In an interview with Andy Dosty, on Hitz FM, Strongman had said;

“I was called to the [beef] table and I had to defend myself. If you read between the lines, you would know he was talking about me because he had lines directed at me.

“For me I didn’t feel anything. Most of the things he was saying about me were not true. I don’t need to get emotional because I use the brain more than the heart [when it comes to beef]. I have been through many emotional things to be that,” Strongman said.

Rapper Awal is telling Ghanaians that he’s better than the likes of Strongman and Medikal in his new strong.

In a song directed to all Ghanaian rappers, Apart from Sarkodie.

In a recent interview, Awal Mohamed said apart from Obidi, there’s no one in Ghana who is better than him lyrically.

We hope this won’t get out of hand, after a fierce battle between Strongman and Medikal recently.

Watch the video below;

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