Photo of the suspected mastermind of foiled Abuja bank robbery surfaces

The image of the leader and mastermind of the Abuja bank robbery surfaced after he was arrested.

Ernest Ewim was declared wanted shortly after the arrest of his gang member after the foiled bank robbery.

He was arrested by the special anti-robbery squad, Abuja command.

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It is coming after the bank staff among the robbers narrated why he participated in the robbery.

The first bank in Mbappe was attacked last Saturday by a team of at-least four robbers.

The robber’s luck ran out as they were arrested at the bank premises.

Photo of the suspected mastermind of foiled Abuja bank robbery surfaces

The bank staff identified as Larry Ehizo gave details on what transpired and how they planned the attack on the bank.

His full statement below; 

I met Ernest in November, and we had a discussion where we used to hang out, and I said something after he complained about our services in the bank. We almost got into a serious argument, and I told him that the only thing he would do is get angry and maybe not bank again with us.

 He said he was going to hurt someone and I told him not to do that.

That the highest he can do is to do that or maybe rob the bank to make them feel bad.

I did not know he had that on record, and he used that to threaten that after some time that I must take the people that he would bring into the bank.

He threatened my family, me and even the people around me, with my girlfriend.

After that, I was afraid to go to the police because he said even if I go to the police that he had already informed his colleagues

And because he is a cultist, he said that anything I get after that I should take it.

That is when he brought them.

I still begged him, and he went as far as my family house and threatened to kill them.

He now brought them on that day that I should take them in and tell them what to do.

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