Nicki Minaj retires from music to start a family 

 Nicki Minaj in a statement released on her official twitter account said she decided to retire and have family.

Nicki Minaj reportedly got married to Kenneth petty in a private ceremony few weeks back.

Minaj had said in 2014 that she hope to make $500 million within four years, then retire from music to start a family.

Nicki Minaj retires from music to start a family

Nicki changed her name on twitter to Mrs Petty to confirm the marriage rumour just a few weeks ago.

She was under scrutiny few weeks back after it was announced she’s headlining a festival in Saudi Arabia.

Human rights activist had urged her to cancel the performance citing the country’s human rights violations.

President and CEO of the US-based Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen wrote a letter to Nicki urging her to cancel the concert.

In the letter, he said;

“Your participation in a performance sponsored by a murderous, repressive regime involved in gross human rights violations, especially of women and sexual minorities, would be highly unfortunate.

Furthermore, it would be disastrous for a public figure of your standing who has articulated a commitment to education, women’s rights, and social justice.”

Nicki however succumb and cancelled her performance.

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