Bullet abuses misuses Wendy Shay sexually – Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger claims the CEO of Rufftown record label, Bullet, misuses and sexually abused her, causing Wendy mental deficiency.

Afia Schwarzenegger was reacting to Wendy’s comment during her recent interview.

Wendy was interviewed by Mzgee, she apparently walked out of the interview, calling the questions “dumb”.

Wendy was also on TV Africa where she said she would have to check the internet, probably google to check her net-worth.

She further listed IPhones and Ipads as properties she has accrued through music.

Afia Schwarzenegger reacting to Wendy’s comments and attitude during the interview, she said if her daughter Pena was in the situation, she would behave better and answer the questions intelligently.

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