Lizz Anjorin fires back at Toyin Abraham

Anjorin and Toyin Abraham feud continues, after the defamatory lawsuit notice. 

Lizzy  said Toyin Abraham lives a fake life. 

She confirmed that she was stopped by the Saudi Immigration at the airport but the story was twisted and given to an instagram blogger to publish fake news about her peddling drugs

Speaking in Yoruba, she said she’s a big entrepreneur, making it clear she’s from the top.

She mocks Abraham defamatory lawsuit notice, she called it a joke and Abraham doesn’t have the money for lawyers.

Liz Anjorin took to her instagram account to mock Toyin Abraham’s defamatory lawsuit notice.

Reacting to it, Anjorin shared a video of her twerking to her 1.1 million instagram army.

At the beginning of the video she asked her followers to patronised her clothing line as she’s looking for “lawyers money”.

She wrote

“Name of attire LAWYER LETTER 

On the allegation of drug peddling, Toyin Abraham served a defamatory lawsuit notice to actress Anjorin earlier today.

Toyin took to her official Instagram account to write

Silence is not golden.

Rather than wrestle with a pig, it might be ideal to let the pig know that it belongs in the pen.

No longer speaking on this, my management team and attorneys are taking this up.

Toyin Abraham lawyered up after Liz Anjorin alleged that she leaked a story of her to the bloggers.

Toyin Abraham denied the rumour that she leaked the story to bloggers. 

Toyin called Liz Anjorin “iya Adini”, She said,

“Tell your fans , and stop dragging who is not”

Toyin didn’t stop there, she said she received the accusation as a rude shock.

On Toyin’s defence, she said the only evidence Liz Anjorin has on her is of a comment she left on a fan page. 

Toyin Abraham lawyered up

Toyin said she has instructed her lawyers to take up the matter and Liz will hear from them on Monday.

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