Valentine Iro, the man that was on FBI’s No one list, emerges online

Femi Ogedengbe shared a video of Valentine Iro, the man among those arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US.

In the Video, Valentine in casual clothes with a female companion, dancing on the dance floor.

 His friends were seen in the video, spraying him with a lot of dollars.

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Reacting to the video, Ogedengbe said that no one should blame this on the tribe, as internet fraudsters are from all tribes, either the Igbo, Yoruba, or the Hausas.

He blamed people like Valentine Iwo as those that Nigerians idolize and celebrate while seeing hard-working Nigerians as a fool. 

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It is coming after the United States authorities announced the arrest of 281 fraudsters in the US, Africa, Asia, and Europe in operation conducted over four months.

The suspects arrested include 167 people in Nigeria, 15 in Ghana, 18 in Turkey.

The authorities also recovered nearly $3.7 million from the suspects.

According to the US authorities, the suspects committed the acts by using business email compromise (BEC) to exploit vulnerable individuals or businesses by impersonating or compromising an email account or computer network.

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