Kenyan Government Deports Jesus Christ.

Kenyan Pastor is stirring an unnecessary controversy after claiming to have found Jesus.

According to the Kenyan Pastor who found him, 

he said he couldn’t leave Jesus, christ, wandering about without giving him a warm welcome back on earth.

The man portraying to be Jesus was received by hundreds of Kenyans, dressed in the way Jesus Christ’s character is depicted in movies.

The caucasian man who claimed to be Jesus to the Kenyans was seen in a motorcade waving at people as hundreds of believers gather to grab a glimpse. 

Kenyan Government Deports Jesus Christ 

After all, Jesus could have gone anywhere other than Kenya after over 2000 years of waiting. 

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government didn’t buy the claim, as the impostor was arrested and deported yesterday.

Unfortunately, He will be going back to where he came from.

The controversy Kenyan Pastor and the man claimed to be Jesus. (He was allegedly invited by the Kenyan Pastor who claims to have found the real Jesus Christ on Earth)

Where he was deported to is not yet ascertained as at the time of this report.

He didn’t come alone, and he came with one of his disciples. 

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