Suspected millionaire kidnapper Wadume arrested

The Police has arrested and taken into custody the suspected millionaire kidnapper.

The suspect is said to be in custody of the Nigerian Police Headquarters Abuja.

Early this month, three Police officers were shot and killed at close range while trying to take Wadume into custody.

According to reports, the police officer were ambushed and killed while escorting the suspected millionaire kidnapper to a police station.

The Incident happened on the 6th of August 2019.

It was reported that Wadume was in a lawful custody of the slain officers, properly restrained, and was been escorted to the police station for further investigation.

From the video of the incident going viral online, It shows the bus they were being transported in upside down, possibly somersaulted as a result of an intense incoming fire.

The body of the officers were seen on the ground in the video, with the soldiers telling the civilians to stay back.

One of the injured police officers was heard struggling to explain to both the civilians and the troops that they were police officers.

The body of the slain operatives were dragged across the road by the civilians into an awaiting truck

In the first quarter of 2019, there has been over 700 kidnapping cases across the country

Wadume was indicted in a series of high-profile kidnap incidents in Taraba State.

Wadume escaped the ordeal after being properly restrained, which brings questions as how he managed to escape with his hands cuffed

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