Job Discrimination: Race, Religion, Gender, National Origin.

You can sometimes face severe discrimination at work.

The type of discrimination can only be ascertained when a claim is filed for job discrimination.

It is illegal for employers to discriminate based on Race, Religion, or Gender, according to the Equality Act 2010 (UK).

However, it is sad to know that many workers are still going through different types of job discrimination.

National origin discrimination is discrimination in favor of citizens of a particular origin.

Job Discrimination : Race, Religion, Gender, National Origin

An example of Racial discrimination is the case of Bower v Kent Police

A British – Asian police officer in Kent, Angus Bower, won alleged racial discrimination at the tribunal in Ashford.

Bower had in 2014 put in an internal grievance in which he said his colleagues were bullying him.

The tribunal ruled that his colleagues’ alleged bullying was not appropriately investigated, and his superior rely on a consulting dictionary for the definition of racism.

The tribunal found bowler to have been treated differently, including lowering of his markings during his supervision

Other examples of Job discrimination are; Age, Ethnicity, Skin Color, Mental or Physical Disability.

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