I will not watch new YOLO TV series said in a tweet on his official twitter account.

I am Not Watching That YOLO Sh!t If Fella Is Not In; People Only Watched It Because Of Makafui Role With Drogba.

Medikal in a tweet on his official twitter account warn producer’s of YOLO TV series.

I will not watch new YOLO TV series – Medikal

Fella Makafui is one of the faces missing in the new YOLO season and her boyfriend is not happy.

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In the two Episodes released by Pharmhouse Productions from the season 5 of the YOLO2, It reveals Fella isn’t there though most of the old participants, like Cyril, Drogba, George and others are in there.

Reacting to this, Medikal went on his official Twitter account, describing the series without his girlfriend as “shit”.

He added people only watched it because of Fella’s role with Drogba. Do you agree? And tell us if you are watching YOLO this trip and it’s review so far.

“If Fella No Dey the new Yolo scenes inside I’m not watching that shit. She and Drogba be the only reason why People watched Yolo, the Yolo producers sleep 💤”

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