I Will Build Music Schools Across Africa To Nurture More Talents – Davido.

In an interview, Davido said one of his main plans is to set up a Music School across Africa to nature talented musicians.

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Davido is doing this PR hand in hand with several influential individuals from the continent not excluding president of Barklee College of Music, Roger Brown to make this project a reality.

His main reason for this project to to ensure in the few years to come Africa can dominate the international market with good music.

In the Interview, he said and I quote below,

“I try to form a motive, like what I’m doing right now is putting music schools around Africa. I just did a collaboration with the president of Berklee College of Music, Roger Brown.
He’s actually a musician so he was the first president to fall in love with the idea. He sent students out there to begin work to make it official and I’m trying to do that in every African culture.
These days we don’t have the best leaders, and entertainment has been one way to encourage the people, rich or poor they are always smiling and that’s one thing that I like about it.
Once they hear music they just forget about everything. It’s been a really big healer for the community in Africa.
My plan is to build music schools all around before you know it all the musicians from around the world will be from Africa. Because they love us and you have to have the talent to play instruments. Not everything is digital, so not understanding everything, that’s the main thing.”

The DMW record label owner also spoke briefly about his upcoming album which he has been working on for two years and is set to release soon. He added that he is still deciding what name to give the album.

“The album is coming out in June, and I’m going on tour. We’ve been working on the album for the past two years.
I’m almost done with it and it’s amazing. I don’t have a name for it yet, I’m still trying to decide” he said.

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