Hushpuppi charged to court for fraud, faces decades in US prison

Many were surprised after reported that Nigerian influencer Ramon Abbas popularly known as hushpuppi, was arrested.

He was taken into Dubai Police custody after a special operation codenamed “Foxhunt 2” was launched into Hushpuppi, and his fellow defendants alleged fraudulent activities to arrest them. 

In a well-calculated operation, the suspects were arrested at their various apartments simultaneously in the middle of the night.

It was later revealed that the suspects had been handed over to the US authorities after the FBI wrote an open appreciation message to the Dubai Police to arrest the alleged fraudsters. 

Hushpuppi charged to court.

The US federal prosecutors officially charged him to court for fraud, money laundering Friday 3rd of July 2020 a few days after his extradition from Dubai.

Hushpuppi and the rest of the suspects are accused of defrauding a New York-based law firm in October 2019 by tricking them into transferring $922,857 to them instead of the law firm client’s account.

The US prosecutors alleged that Hushpuppi and his fellow suspects are into business email compromise (BEC) frauds.

They are also accused of having targeted an unnamed bank, an unnamed English Premier League club.

Hushpuppi made his first court appearance today in Chicago. He faces twenty-years behind bars if found guilty.

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