How I lost two of my teeth to a goat – Jackie Appiah reveals

Canadian-born Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah reveals how she lost two of her lower teeth to a goat.

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I was brought in from Canada to Ghana. Then, I saw a goat tied onto a tree, I didn’t understand why they would tie a goat down.

So, I picked up stones and started throwing at the goats. At a point, the goat got angry, got itself off the rope and chased me. I tried to run away.

Just as I was about go open the door to get into the house, it hit me.

I fell and lost two of my lower teeth,”

I still look forward to playing that Gangster role…like Charlie Charlie, how far…” talking about her love for travelling, She said

“I love to travel a lot. I love beautiful places. So far, I have travelled to over 100 countries.

Zip lining was the highest risk I have taken during adventure. The video went viral. I cried.” She said:

“My son and my mum inspire me. I also get inspirations from traffic. I see people hawking in traffic and I wish I could do the same.

Talking about her self consciousness, I think my smile and eyes. The way I roll my eyes and my charming smile get people attracted to me.”

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