How a Ghanaian scammed 30 women $2.1 million in the US

A suspected internet fraudster has been arrested in the US for defrauding at least 30 women.

Rubbin Sarpong, 35, was charged on the 4th of September for conspiracy to commit fraud. 

According to prosecutors, Sarpong was into an online dating scam where he posed as a Soldier.

He then requested for money to transport non existing gold bars to them.

His victims paid him and his conspirators through Western Union, Money Gram, personal or cashier checks.

The prosecutors said the money sent to him by the victims was not used for what he claimed to be using it for, it was either cashed out, sent to his conspirators in Ghana, or in Bank accounts in the US.

The New York Times reported that one of his victims killed herself after Sarpong didn’t show up as promised.

In total, Sarpong collected $823,386 out of the $2.1 million he and his conspirators requested from their victims.

How a Ghanaian scammed 30 women $2.1 million in the US – In Another News

A Ghanaian footballer has been shot in his legs amid xenophobia in South Africa.

Arthur was shot in his legs yesterday in kempton park, Gauteng, south Africa by two Police officers.

It was gathered that the victim had an argument with the police which resulted in the shooting.

According to the victim, Arthur has been a professional footballer for the past two years.

Arthur was rushed to Grenclof Hospital by Hon. Ayisi Boateng, upon hearing the news.

Armed South Africans were seen chatting different types of war songs yesterday in Johannesburg.

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