Ghanaians have tolerated misconduct in the name of showbiz – Pundit

Speaking about the aftermath of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards pandemonium which occurred when Stonebwoy was announced as winner of the reggae dancehall artiste of the year category and Shatta Wale with his thugs stormed the stage, all efforts to prevent them from stepping on the stage uninvited fell on deaf ears as fight broke leading to Stonebwoy drawing a firearm.

In an interview with Kojo Preko Dankwa, Kwame Dzadzi exclaimed those showbiz individuals and the industry are to blame for the altercation for pinching one artiste against the other believing it is good for showbiz commerce and for the clicks.

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“I believe that this is an industry that has tolerated nonsense; a lot of nonsense for a long time to the extent that when somebody is fooling, we think that the person is doing showbiz,” Kwame Dadzie said on Starr FM.

“We as a people are to blame for all these nonsense that happened on the night. Some of us radio presenters, we fuel some of these things. All we know is that, this guy against this guy. Strongman against Teephlow, Manifest against Sarkodie, Kojo Antwi verses Lumba, and then we are happy because sometimes, it gets us the clicks and some of us believe it is fun,” he said.

“Sometimes, you’ll think that let’s have fun with these things and then there are other people sitting somewhere who also believe that this is so critical that lets put our all in it. And so Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy fans will fight at the least provocation and I think it is stupid because if you observed what happened between Notorious BIG and Tupac when their lives were taken just because they were feuding East Coast, West Coast and we think this is cool and so we should replicate this in Ghana, I think we are mistaking,” Kwame Dadzie added.

Kwame Dadzie, who is also the Public Relations Officer for the Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana – ATWAG further stated his frustration on how industry players have toyed with the industry for long.

He was however optimistic that the happenings at the just ended Ghana Music Awards will turn out for good for the industry and the experience will serve as a learning curve not only for Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale but to everybody who has a stake in the industry.

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