Liberian born Ghanaian based singer, Irene Logan in a tweet said Ghanaians are not friendly to her country men and women as well as Nigerians.

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According to her, Ghanaians are xenophobia and it is in their “deoxyribonucleic acid” DNA .

she also revealed that Ghanaians tend to be xenophobia but turn around to condemn the same happenings occurring in South Africa and elsewhere.

Irene added that Ghanaians are particularly hostile to Nigerians and Liberians and says although they appear hospitable, they don’t behave as such.

She wrote;

Some commenters on her page who are from Liberia and Nigeria told her plainly her statement is incorrect and unfounded

The depth of xenophobia in Ghana towards other African citizens runs very deep! Especially towards #Nigerians and #Liberians

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