Ghanaian artists are not kuborlor boys – Shatta Wale attacks government officials.

Shatta Wale took to social media to attack government officials.

Some government officials allegedly released a poster of a show in Axim it says he is headlining.

Meanwhile Shatta has came out to let his fans know that he isn’t headlining anyshow and there hasn’t been any communication between him and the organisers of the show.

He said;

 I don’t have any show in Axim so any flyer you see is fake ..sometimes these our MP’s and ministers should stop thinking Ghana musicians are Kuborlor boys so they can just take advantage of us for their meaningless campaigns ..

If you want me , pay for my services like how the government pays you for your services and let’s stop this primitive life !! If you don’t have money why do a concert !!

Some of us hustle to get here without the help of government nor even musigha ..

My fans made me who I am today by the grace of God ,so please big men and women respect Ghana musicians ooo ton !!!! 

We are tired aaaahhhba !!!

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