Four Nigerians arrested for permanently disfiguring their House help in Ghana

According to reports, the neighbours heard the victim crying out for help around East legon in Accra.

Getting to the suspect’s house, they realised all the doors were locked so they broke the entrance door in order to gain access to the house.

The neighbours eventually called the police after destroying the suspects four cars and some of their other properties. 

Meanwhile one of the suspects revealed that the house help allegedly stole from one of them.

An altercation broke out which resulted in one of them having a physical fight with the house help.

The house help called for help by making remarks like

This evening they are going to bury me in a septic tank

This got angry neighbours reacted fast as three human remains were found in a septic tank around Tamale just a few months ago.

The neighbours allegedly destroyed all of their properties and tortured them before the arrival of the police.

Four Nigerians arrested for disfiguring their House help in Ghana – In Another News

A Ghanaian footballer has been shot in his legs amid xenophobia in South Africa.

Arthur was shot in his legs yesterday in kempton park, Gauteng, south Africa by two Police officers.

It was gathered that the victim had an argument with the police which resulted in the shooting.

According to the victim, Arthur has been a professional footballer for the past two years.

Arthur was rushed to Grenclof Hospital by Hon. Ayisi Boateng, upon hearing the news.

Armed South Africans were seen chatting different types of war songs yesterday in Johannesburg.

They were heard singing Foreigners must go back to where they came from.

In a video going viral on the internet, the protesters were seen carrying weapons such as knobkerries.

The attack on foreigners started last Sunday morning, where angry mobs stormed foreigners businesses and  Loot.

The attacks is believed to have been carried out by the Zulu hostel dwellers.

One of Nigerian businesses affected was a Nigerian car dealer whereby his businesses was set ablazed.

The attack spread across the second day before the security operatives got involved, dispersing the angry Mob.

Meanwhile the leader of South African Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF, in a statement condemned the attack.

He said whether you are from South Africa or Zimbabwe, this is your home. He therefore calls for an end to self hate.

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